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His professional passion took him from Greenland to Russia to Africa, Asia and into the remote of South America. He has made several documentaries for the German and American television (CNN, WDR, NDR, 3SAT, and Phoenix).

At the age of 15 years Rit Lomo received from the AG of young photographers his first public recognition for a successful photo. Later, he got a special professional training as a photographer and camera assistant. Based on his previous qualifications he studied artistic photography at the School of Visual Arts in Leipzig with Professor Arno Fischer, one of the leading independent art photographers of the GRD.

Since his graduation in 1993 Rit Lomo works as a freelance photographer for well-known companies and institutions all around the world. During this time, he worked primarily in the field of reportage for print media and television productions, is the author of several book publications and was involved in numerous international non-profit social projects (Ukraine, Cuba, Central Africa, Afghanistan).

His long-standing clients include the German public television, the UBS Bank Zurich, the AUDI AG, the City Bank London, TUI and Thomas Cook AG and the German and French Embassy in Burundi and Niger.

Since 2004, after extended work stays in South America and China Rit Lomo is dedicated to increasing his creative work. He is now regarded as an ambassador of the so-called "Leipzig School" and has developed his own style coming out of this artistic environment, which finds itself clearly in his ouvres as a modern combination of photography and development of digital imaging in a conceptual context.

The Berliner cosmopolitan gets his inspirations from around the world. Personal exhibitions in Germany, Africa and Argentina (2007-2012) speak of a cross-cultural orientation of his creative work.

His photographic exhibits are today usually contract works for business - and private clients. Currently, Rit Lomo is in the preparation of an exhibition of previously unseen works.


Sept 2014. Berliner Liste con la galería Berlín-Alemania
Dic 2013 Aqua Art Miami Miami-USA
Nov 2013 Dacia Gallery New York-USA
Oct 2013 German Avantgarde in Kazan Kazán-Rusia
Sept 2013 Wandlitz Wandlitz-Alemania
Sept 2013 Berliner Liste Berlín-Alemania
Mayo 2013 Galerie Initiative Bunker Mecklenburg-Alemania
Abril 2013 Galerie Hundertmark Berlín-Alemania
Dic 2012 Galerie am Check Point Charlie Berlín-Alemania
Nov 2012 Gallery KOI Kemang Yakarta-Indonesia
Julio 2012 Gallerie kbh Kunst crossover Berlín-Alemania
Junio 2012 Pink Piranhas work in process Potsdam-Alemania
Marzo 2012 Pink Piranhas Berlin Berlín-Alemania
Oct 2010 Los patios de Montserrat Buenos Aires-Argentina
Dic 2009 Fragment d´un style Bujunbura-Burundi

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